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From iOS to Android

iPhone to PixelThis long time iPhone user recently made the leap over to the world of Android and switch to using the Google Pixel phone. The two main reasons I included:

I got a taste of the Google assistant via the Google Home. Although Amazon has a similar assistant, Alexa, on their Echo product, the Google Assistant seems to be full of knowledge. This capability comes from its access to the Google Knowledge Graph and clearly sets it apart from Alexa.  In addition to automating your home, the Google Assistant can search all of its knowledge of the Internet to answer any of your questions.

A new cellphone use law in California, which went into affect in 2017, prohibits the use of a cell phone while driving. Tapping and swiping is only allowed if the phone is mounted on the dash. The Android Auto app allow drivers to easily access maps, music, and read & write text messages via the Google Assistant, taps, and swipes.

I plan to share my transition experience on the next few posts. Stay tuned.